Fuel Technologies Through Chemistry

With so many additives on the market, what makes our products stand out? The simple answer is they work! More than just detergents or cleaners, our patented technology actually improves horsepower/increases mileage.

Products That Work

Most diesel fuel additives can only restore fuel efficiency. Our formula outperforms these clean-up additives by increasing the factory combustion efficiency. This is achieved with COre Technology’s™ ability to release the energy of the late burning, energy-dense fuel molecules much earlier during the power stroke.

Patented Technologies

Silverthorn Industries’ patented hydrogen generation technology not only reduces emissions at a lower cost, it also solves the many problems with urea DEF such as freezing, ammonia slip, crystallization, etc. Additionally, hydrogen can provide a fuel economy benefit.

The Silverthorn Solution

Silverthorn Industries' overarching mission is to develop products and processes that significantly improve the conversion efficiency of the energy available in the fuels we all use on a daily basis. The net gain for the customer is lower costs. The net gain for the nation is reduced pollution and improved energy independence.

American Technology, World-Wide Reach

Silverthorn Industries, LLC. specializes in fuel additives and chemistries. Silverthorn holds multiple patented/patent pending technologies that are proven to increase mileage/horsepower while lowering emissions.

Expanding Energy Technologies Today...

Silverthorn Silverthorn Industries, Llc. is an industrial manufacturing company with deep roots in automotive products and services. We are known for our testing and development services, and strive to bring the utmost professionalism to all projects we are involved in. With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we are your best choice when looking for an industrial manufacturing and testing partner.

Our proprietary Accelerated Testing Protocol was developed during laboratory chemical compounding for our COre Technology™ formulation. This protocol followed specific parameters and procedures pioneered by Silverthorn Industries. The testing utilized purpose built analysis equipment, measuring combustion efficiency along with fuel delivery evaluations. The testing protocol led to a much higher sample testing rate than has previously been possible in the industry.

“COre Technology™” is the result of this initial Accelerated Testing Protocol and is Silverthorn’s proprietary process that takes a clean sheet approach to improving fuel efficiency. Silverthorn merges creative chemistry with innovative R&D that literally changes how fuel is ignited and burned, shortening the “combustion cycle”. The result: decreased fuel consumption (and/or increased horsepower), and a significant reduction in harmful emissions.

"COre Technology™" is more than a single product, it is our unique approach based on:

  • Science
  • Patented Technologies
  • Education

What does this mean to you? Silverthorn Industries is on the cutting edge of Fuel Technologies and continues to push the envelope to tackle both current fuel issues those that may arise in the future. With our proprietary Accelerated Testing Protocol we are also able to "fast-track" development for products and chemistries and get them to market quicker. That means shorter lead times and a return on investment much sooner than traditional methods allow.

Why Choose Silverthorn?

Patented Technologies
Patented Technologies
Our Formulations are based on sound chemistry science. With proven results, we protect our technology to keep them exclusive to our clients.
Our staff is second to none in their respective fields. Silverthorn finds the best people for our development process, resulting in delivery of the best products possible.
World-Wide Reach
World-Wide Reach
Based in the United States, we also have ties as far away as China. Silverthorn Industries, LLC. is a world-wide player in the fuel additives industry.

April 2020 -- Silverthorn Industries, LLC. creates SaniCOre Hand Sanitizer to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

June 20, 2018 -- Silverthorn Industries, LLC. makes its COre Technology available to the retail market by introducing "Diesel COre™" to select convenience store and automotive supply chain stores.

October 11, 2016 -- U.S. Government awards patent number U.S. 9,464,251 B2 to Silverthorn Industries, LLC.'s formula for "COre Technologies™" family of fuel additives. The patent will also allow for further development of even more efficient formulations in the future.
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August 7, 2016 -- Silverthorn Industries, LLC. announces "BioCOre 6505™" which is specifically formulated to prevent the problem of Microbial Growth with current Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and increased fuel field problems.

April 28, 2015 -- Silverthorn Industries, LLC. applies for patent of new formula for popular "COre Technologies™" family of fuel additives. The new patent expands upon Silverthorn's current patent library, and provides an even more effective chemistry for diesel fuel optimization.
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