Most diesel fuel additives can only restore fuel efficiency. Our patented formula outperforms these clean-up additives by increasing the as-built factory combustion efficiency. This is achieved with COre64’s™ ability to release the energy of the late burning, energy-dense fuel molecules much earlier during the power stroke. Through this chemical technology our patented formula forces the combustion event to become more powerful thus increasing fuel efficiency.



The Problem with Diesel Fuel: Combustion Process is Inherently “Mixing-Limited”
  • No oxygen is available in the core of the spray
  • Fuel spray burns from the periphery inwards
  • Oxygen-deficient core causes pyrolysis of the fuel and creates soot
Why Core Technology™ Works: Molecular Pairing
  • Two chemistries – one an extremely fast chain branching hydrocarbon and the other a strong oxidizer
  • Both chemistries inert at ambient temp
  • Both chemistries activated at in-cylinder temps after compression
  • Both chemistries attracted to each other


Through a synergistic “pairing” of mutually attractive molecules, COre64™ rapidly mixes the liquid fuel spray with the hot bulk air charge, releasing the heat content of the fuel in a shorter period of time resulting in higher thermal efficiency.


The Silverthorn Solution…

COre64’s™ patented combination of chemistry and technology literally alters the ‘combustion event’ itself, measurably increasing fuel efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. COre64’s™ approach yields significant advances in the ‘efficiency conversion’ of diesel fuel into energy. Net gain to the customer: lower net cost. Net gain to the environment: reduced pollutants. Net gain to the U.S.: Major step toward energy independence.




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