Silverthorn Industries, LLC. Is an American based research and manufacturing company specializing in fuel additives and chemistries. Silverthorn holds multiple patented/patent pending technologies that are proven to increase mileage/horsepower while lowering emissions. Our goal is to remain on the cutting edge of fuel technology, finding solutions for both today’s problems and those that will arise in the future.
Silverthorn has a strong science and technology team with over thirty years of R&D experience. Members of this team have created technology currently being used in gasoline and diesel fuel throughout the world. The team has worked with several universities, the National Labs, OEMs and specialty chemical manufacturers who provide technology for NASA, the U.S. Navy and Apple computers. Silverthorn additionally has an especially strong working relationship with several NASCAR and NHRA teams in the world of motorsports.
Carbon Credits are also a focus at Silverthorn Industries. Carbon Credits have become increasing important for companies doing business in today’s marketplace. At 10% improvement in fuel economy, our COre Technology™ reduces carbon dioxide emissions by ~0.4 lbs for every mile travelled. Silverthorn Industries, LLC has the ability to access the NOx and carbon trading market, domestically and internationally.


Tony L. Shortall, Managing Partner

With expertise in both gasoline and diesel combustion science, Tony Shortall began his automotive career as a machinist and engine builder specializing in induction fuel distribution. While studying engineering, Tony launched his own high-performance racing engine business.

Shortall also brings more than two decades of experience building, managing and operating professional NHRA Top Fuel & Funny Car Teams. Tony, a disciple of Dale Armstrong, has worked with top names in the sport, including Force, Schumacher and Pedregon. Shortall has also been instrumental in the development and implementation of a number of successful motorsports marketing and sponsorship programs during his time in drag racing.

  • Certified SFI Member
  • Director of Competition for a professional motorsport sanctioning body
  • Active involvement in the FIA European Series
  • Heavily involved in development of state-of-the-art Top Fuel two-seater which will allow non-drivers to experience racing like never before possible
  • Expanding development into gasoline technologies to overcome the limitations of today’s fuel chemistries


Ray Paggi, Director of Science & Technology

Raymond (Ray) Paggi is a West Point Graduate and Research Mechanical Engineer, with over 24 years of technology development and management experience at Texaco and Shell.

Ray formed and led an exploratory research program at Texaco’s corporate labs in Beacon, NY using state of the art techniques for in-cylinder combustion investigations. As manager of Automotive Products R&D at Shell’s corporate research facility in Houston, he built a $12MM product development effort, overseeing 28 scientists and engineers and leading the company’s product ideation and development efforts in fuels and lubricants. Ray has numerous patents issued or pending, including Silverthorn’s Diesel COre fuel additive.

  • Expertise in fuels, lubricants, asphalt and consumer products technology portfolios with market revenues exceeding $250MM
  • Represented the oil industry in public debate with the U.S. government and the automakers
  • Provided technical substantiation of oil industry position at state legislature and local government public hearings
  • Conducted joint research programs with Penn State, Princeton, MIT, Yale, University of Wisconsin, Wesleyan, University of California at Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, and Sandia National Labs
  • Led numerous technical industry consortium panels
  • Led three major organizational integrations – Shell/Texaco joint Venture, Shell Global Solutions start-up and Pennzoil-Quaker State acquisition

Tony L. Shortall – Managing Partner


Silverthorn Industries LLC
411 E Northfield Drive
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Brownsburg, IN 46112


Silverthorn Industries LLC
545 Christy Drive
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Greenwood, IN 46143

1-800-413-1952 office
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