H2 On Demand

On-demand hydrogen generation for NOx elimination is for use in light and heavy duty diesel engines. Silverthorn Industries’ patented hydrogen generation technology not only reduces emissions at a lower cost, it also solves the many problems with urea DEF such as freezing, ammonia slip, crystallization, etc. Additionally, hydrogen can provide a fuel economy benefit.
Hydrogen On Demand Chemistry

H2 Prototype

  • Silicon based polymer (developed and patented with the University of Alabama)
  • Uses water & a catalyst to generate H2 as needed
    • Water can be recovered from engine exhaust
    • High salinity seawater also usable
  • Hydrogen generation efficiencies greater than 7 weight % have been demonstrated, 9.3% theoretically available.
  • High purity hydrogen output useful for fuel cells, engine or boiler fuel, catalytic converters, analytical standards, etc.
Technology Status
  • Chemistry patented and commercially available
  • Hydrogen generation system for fuel cells  demonstrated
  • NOx reduction by hydrogen in Lean NOx Trap proven

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