R&D / Testing

With so many additives on the market, what makes our products stand out? The simple answer is they work! More than just detergents or cleaners, our patented technology actually impacts the efficiency and performance of the engine.

Each of our technologies uses a non-classical approach. Our patented diesel fuel additive technology is revolutionary. It fundamentally changes the heat release in the combustion event, overcoming cycle limiting processes. This technology could potentially provide 13% improvement in fuel economy with a side benefit of large reductions in NOx emissions. Our patented on-board hydrogen generation chemistry has already been proven to deliver large amounts of hydrogen quickly and safely. When combined with a lean NOx trap, it can significantly reduce NOx emissions and improve fuel economy in both light duty and heavy duty diesel engines. The other technologies in our portfolio also use unique mechanisms to improve energy efficiency.

Further, The technologies utilized by Silverthorn have been extensively tested, and subsequently reviewed and registered with the EPA and will not harm engine components, degrade performance and WILL NOT void warranties.
Because the U.S. Congress has empowered the Environmental Protection Agency to provide regulatory oversight of the registration and use of fuel additives under Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations. Prior to issuing a registration, the EPA reviews the composition of a submitted product to ensure its regulatory compliance.
Under provisions in the Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act (1975), a manufacturer is specifically prohibited from voiding a warranty as the result of use of an aftermarket product, unless the manufacturer can provide conclusive evidence that the aftermarket product has caused damage.
Silverthorn Industries, LLC. guarantees no-harm performance against any chemistry related failure. With patent protection on our formulations, no other fuel additive can offer this technology in their products.

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